Hector to be guest speaker at IMN Conference in Santa Clara 11/29-30

Hector will be a a panelist at the 3rd Annual Forum on Financing, Investing, and Real Estate Development for Data Centers 11/29-30 in Sta. Clara, CA. The panel topic is: “Evaluating Data Center, Internet & Other Key Standards”. Questions to be addressed include:
  • Which standards do you deem important? Critical?
  • Evaluating data center standards & performance metrics
  • Tiering, redundancy & their drawbacks
  • Who’s lead should you follow? ASHRAE, Green Grid or Uptime Institute?
  • Audit strategy
  • SSAE16 standards
  • What are the consequences of not following standards?
  • Tier ratings: Should you get the same rating for 2-Tier 2’s and 1-Tier 4?
  • Compliance& audit
  • High density addressing and the need for IPv6
  • HIPAA and other industry-specific standards you must be concerned with
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