Hector to be panelist at the 3rd Annual Forum on Financing, Investing, and Real Estate Development for Data Centers 5/30-31 in New York, NY

Hector’s panel will be on: “Capacity Planning/Scale/Scalability/Rightsizing/Density ”

Fellow panelists include:

  • Joe Higgins, VP of Engineering, Fidelity Investments (Session Chair)
  • Brent Behrman, Senior Vice President, Compass Datacenters
  • Andris Gailitis, CEO, DEAC
  • Colton N. Brown, Regional Director, Sales & Leasing, Dupont Fabros Technology
  • Isaac Fieg, AVP & Data Center Manager, Knight Capital Group
  • Joe Reele, VP Solution Architect, Schneider Electric
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Hector to be Guest Presenter at New England Chapter of 7×24 Exchange 3/20

Hector’s presentation will be on: “Data Centers: A Data Driven Approach to Capacity Management”


The demand for data centers is growing at an alarming rate. Data centers are very expensive to build and operate. Investing in enterprise-wide, data based, capacity planning can result in:

  • Optimal use of your current data center portfolio
  • Improved quality of your data center requirements forecast
  • Reduced CAPEX by delaying build-out of new data center(s)
  • Better decision support

Hector’s presentation will be followed by a panel discussion on Asset Planning and Capacity Management. Fellow panelists include:

  • Paul Taylor – Fidelity
  • Ed Evers – State Street
  • Theresa Regan – Tufts
  • James Howard – AT&T
  • Joe Maggio – Integrated Design Group; Moderator
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Hector to be Guest Speaker at IMN Conference in Santa Clara 11/29-30

Hector will be a a panelist at the 3rd Annual Forum on Financing, Investing, and Real Estate Development for Data Centers 11/29-30 in Sta. Clara, CA. The panel topic is: “Evaluating Data Center, Internet & Other Key Standards”. Questions to be addressed include:

  • Which standards do you deem important? Critical?
  • Evaluating data center standards & performance metrics
  • Tiering, redundancy & their drawbacks
  • Who’s lead should you follow? ASHRAE, Green Grid or Uptime Institute?
  • Audit strategy
  • SSAE16 standards
  • What are the consequences of not following standards?
  • Tier ratings: Should you get the same rating for 2-Tier 2’s and 1-Tier 4?
  • Compliance& audit
  • High density addressing and the need for IPv6
  • HIPAA and other industry-specific standards you must be concerned with
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Hector to be guest presenter at a workshop on social media marketing strategies

I will be a guest presenter at a social media workshop on April 7 in Denver. If you are struggling to figure out how to integrate social media into your marketing tool-kit or could benefit on a technology primer on security and data ownership issues, this workshp might be of interest to you. This workshop will provide you with actionable strategies and tactics in support of attaining your marketing goals and will not waste your time with basic tutorials on social media basics such as setting up a Twitter account.


  • Title: “Social Media Strategies for Your Business Brand – A Marketing and Technology Primer”
  • Date: April 7
  • Time: 8:00 am – 12:00 noon
  • Place: Denver Athletic Club
  • Cost: $295 (includes light breakfast, and 12 page comprehensive resource guide). Group rates available.
  • On-line registration: http://www.idiaz.org/Workshop/

Topics include:

  • How to decide which social media tools can grow your business
  • Blogging to meet your business goals
  • Optimizing social media for search engines so you are found by qualified customers
  • How social media can provide market research, generate leads, and create customer advocates of your brand
  • Time management and social media. How much, how long?
  • Where is my data? Who can see my data? – Privacy
  • Who owns my data? – Terms of use
  • Is my data safe? Who can read my e-mail? – Security/Privacy
  • Is e-commerce safe? – Security/Authentication
  • Banking and on-line purchases, accepting payments on-line

For more information on the event: www.idiaz.org/Workshop .

The workshop will be led by Lisa Diaz of iDiaz Marketing. Lisa is a Denver based social media marketing expert. Lisa has over 20 years of experience developing strategic marketing communications, direct marketing, and branding solutions for small, medium, and Fortune 500 size companies. She started iDiaz Marketing in 2009 as a marketing training company designed to help small businesses grow with the knowledge to develop cost-effective, marketing programs.

Please share this announcement with anyone you think might benefit from attending this workshop.

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Hector to be interviewed on E-mail Security

On Sunday 03 October, at 2:00 MST, I’ll be interviewed by Lisa Diaz of iDiaz Marketing. The subject of the interview is: “Internet Security Sense for Mere Mortals”. This interview will also serve as a test of the “Tweeterview” service which uses Twitter to conduct an on-line interview. Lisa will be asking me about e-mail security issues, and the actions every day business people can take to be aware of and be more proactive about e-mail security. This interview does not guarantee e-mail security, but simply creates more awareness of the issue. I will post a link to the completed interview in post comments below.

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Hello World!

This is the very first post on this blog!

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